Electrical Force Questions

Physics lesson, electrical force subject. The force that two or more electrical charges apply to each other. Calculation of the resultant of electrical forces. Coulomb’s Law. Solved questions.

Question– 1 

How many electrons are there in the charge of 5C?

A) 60.05x1018

B) 31.21x1018

C) 15x1017

D) 10.2x1015

E) 15x1014

Question– 2 

How much Coulombs are the charge of ten electrons?

A) 6 x10-22

B) 16x10-18

C) 1.6x10-18

D) 15x10-15

E) 20.5x10-15

Question– 3 


There are two point charges in the figure above.

The q1 = -6q and q2 = +12 q

The distance between the charges is d. The force that two charges apply to each other is F.

If the distance is done the 3d/5, what is the magnitude of the force F that the charges applies to each other?

A) 17F/4

B) 15F/2

C) 21F/4

D) 24F/5

E) 25F/9

Question– 4 


It is seen in the figure three point charges.

The q1 = - 3 C, q2 = +4 C, q3 = +6 C.

The distance between the charges of q1 and q2 is d1, the distance of the charges of q1 and q3 is 2d, the distance of the charges of q2 and q3 is 3d/2.

The force applied to the charge q1 by the q2 is F1, the force applied to the charge q1 by the q3 is F2, and the force applied to the charge q3 by the q2 is F3.

The relation of magnitude between the forces F1, F2 and F3 is given in which of the following in correctly?

A) F1 > F3 > F2

B) F1 = F2 = F3

C) F2 > F1 > F3

D) F3 > F2 > F1

E) F1 > F2 > F3

Question – 5 


Three point charges is seen in the figure.

The q1 = 6x10-5 C, q2 = 4x10-4 C ve q3 = 5x10-5 C

Distance between the charges q1 and q2 is 3 m, distance between the charges q2 and q3 is 2 m.

How many Newtons is the magnitude of the resultant force applied to the charge q2?

A)12.6            B) 15               C) 18

D) 21             E) 24.5

Question– 6 


The spherical X and Y bodies are identical. Distance between center of these bodies is 0.6 m. The force that two body apply to each other is F.

Two sphere are touched to each other and placed in same place.

In the last case, what is the magnitude of the electrical force that two bodies apply to each other?

A) F/2              B) F/3                C) F/5

D) F/8             E) F/10

Question – 7 


The point charge q1 and charge q2 shown in the figure. The charge of the q1 is -1.5x10-4 C. Distance between X and Y is 0.5 m.

The attract force that the charge q1 apply to the charge q2 is 324 N.

What is the charge of the q2?

(k = 9x109 N.m2/C2)

A) 3x10-3

B) 24x10-6


D) 2.8x10-5

E) 6x10-5

Question – 8 


In the figure above, the charge q1 is 6x10-4 C, and the charge q2 is 8x10-4 C. The charges were fixed on the points that distance between its is d.

The repel force that the q1 apply to the q2 is 43.2 N. 

How many meters is the distance between the charges q1 and q2?

 (k = 9x109 N.m2/C2)

A) 2                   B) 6               C) 10

D) 12                 E) 15

Question – 9 


The spherical charges q1 and q2 are hung to the ceiling as in the figure. The magnitude of the charge q1 is 5x10-5 C, and the magnitude of the charge q2 is 12x10-5 C. Distance between two charges is 1 m. The ropes are insulated.

How many Newtons are the tensile forces in the ropes?

 (k = 9x109 N.m2/C2, sin37 = 0.6, cos37 = 0.8)

A) 90

B) 75

C) 60

D) 45

E) 30

Question – 10 


In the above figure is seen the charges X, Y, and Z that positioned on a plane formed from unit squares.

The force that the charge X apply to the charge Y is F.

According to this, What is the force that the charge Y apply to the charge Z?

A) 6F                  B) 3F                  C) 18F/125

D) 3F/16              E) 50F/3

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